Welcome! I am Rita Thorp and I paint contemporary abstract art for art lovers to connect with their feelings, places and time thru my art.

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“Art and love are the same thing. It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you”

Chuck Klosterman

I am excited to share with you a few things happening this month. Yes it’s March and time is marching along. Scroll down to view.

Live in Peace is one of ten paintings in my fREEDOM series and also part of the Anti_WAR 2023 exhibition. (see above). You can scan the QR code or go to https:www.exhibizone.com/anti-war-2023 to see all the artwork submitted in this online exhibition for the duration February 24 – March 31.

During the pandemic I thought a lot about the freedoms we as society take for granted. Therefore, for me wearing a mask and isolating was easy compared to what started and is still happening in the Ukraine. When Russia invaded the Ukraine February 24, 2022, it made me grateful and appreciate all I have yet feel deeply sad and concerned for the people in both the Ukraine and Russia. When will this end?

Happy to be published in the March Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair. My painting ‘Sing To Me’ was inspired by my friend/singer/songwriter Amanda Hopewell in the UK. It’s also part of my fREEDOM series honoring the freedom we have to sing, paint, dance and do whatever we love to do.

Transform your space into AWESOME with my original paintings.

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