SOLD Work! My Paintings Transforming Spaces

I absolutely loved this painting from the moment I saw it. It reminds me of the Rocky Mountains when looking west from Calgary. The beautiful textures create the landscapes and mountain range I imagine when looking at this painting.

Brandi D

Happy Clients and what they say about my paintings.

Love your style, the colors, and the stories behind each painting.


Colours are bold and beautiful. Great accent piece for our family area.

Christine S

‘By Night’ spoke to me the instant I saw it. My initial impression reminded me of Mark Rothko’s works but with more visual interest, resembling a nighttime beach scene. The sparkle of gold leaf adds even more reminiscent of subdued city lights in the distance and their reflections in the water. I also love the texture of paint which adds another dimension.

Bill M

I love the colours and textures in this painting. It called to me when I saw it and I had the perfect spot in our home. I love your style.